Monday, April 29, 2013

let's see.. what have I done lately...

haven't got much accomplished.. I've been a bit of a funk, apparently.

I've gotten quite a number of cat paraphernalia accumulated.. still need several things though..

The first thing that I absolutely adore.. found it on ebay, of course!

next thing I made myself..

ahh and I actually found some babies to enjoy it.. 

lets see what else... 

ooh.. stickers that I'll put in as 'artwork' and other various things.

I am doing a tree for the cottage.. it looks like this at the moment.... (not very attractive yet for a tree.)
and I may eventually change my mind about it... lol just depends on how the final project looks.

I have another photo that is unrelated to c.c.l.c (crazy cat lady cottage)... it doesn't even belong in the fairfield, but that's where I put it. :) I made some steampunk art.

Other than that.. nothing has been accomplished on the fairfield..


  1. I love the table n chairs... they r so cute

  2. I like table and chairs. Very original.
    Everything about cats is fantastic.
    Bye, Faby