Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter bunny pulled through!!

I got my polymer clay from the Easter bunny.. so Jason and I played a bit with it.. I think it's going to take me a long time to get the hang of this.. =>

Those are some bowls and a kitty I made.. the orange one is suppose to have milk in it.. hence the white part.

A little jar of some sort, with a lid that I made as well.

These bowls of food and cats, Jason did. I still think he's more talented. ;)

The frog, Jason did too!! I LOVE him.. he's not for the dollhouses though.

Lastly I made this cat scratching/toy .. (not out of clay) I think it turned out well.

I received my cottage yesterday, unfortunately I got two of the right sides, so I'll have to wait for the replacement side. In this situation.. should I send back the other piece? I really don't want a collection of extra pieces hanging around, when possibly someone could use the part I have..

I'm still working on the Fairfield, doing a lot of painting.. I'm debating on the porch roof. I thought of just putting up some railing or something as the roof doesn't look all that great to me.. kinda plain. I'll come up with something eventually.  *smirk*

Well that's all I have for now..

Enjoy your day!


  1. I think your clay turned out great for your first foray!

    A lot of work and back breaking and you will get into your groove :P

  2. ok first of all i think u r doing pretty good with the clay for ur first time. but i agree jason seems to have a knack for it. i LOVE the frog. he is soooo cute, of course im favorful to any frog anyways..ol however i must say, ur cat food looks like cat dung!!!! lol nice job on the scratching post..! u r really getting the hang of this stuff..