Thursday, April 11, 2013

just some pictures of the fairfield.

haven't had much time to do anything mini lately, so I took some updated pics of the fairfield.

I have the roof and trim work to finish.. also have to do something with the chimney. There's also something needed for the foundation part... It's a bit hard for me, as I keep thinking of different things that I'd like to do but being the Libra that I am, I can't make decisions. lol

the pink room is the dining room... and of course I get lots of criticism on it cuz dining rooms aren't normally pink... but hey, it's my dollhouse. lol  I still need something on the fireplace... 

This other pink room is the 'master' bedroom.. 

the black room is the 2nd bedroom.

hallway, bathroom and kitchen.

living room.

the tower, that has no access.. but decorated it some anyways.

the fire place in the 'master'

so this is my funky Fairfield :)

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  1. I like funky and hey it is your dollhouse so pink dining room it is! It looks Ike a fun build.