Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter!!

I browsed through Micheal's today.. found some cogs! I do like me some Steampunk.

My background on my phone is cogs. =)

Look at the little lamp! Jason made it! I think he should be the miniaturist.

Boyfriend and I dyed eggs and decorated them for Easter. I think they're adorable! I don't know if I can manage to eat them. =(  Hope everyone has a great Easter!

Monday, March 25, 2013

having slight withdrawals... ;)

during my work week, I miss playing with my mini's.. just don't have enough time to fiddle. Honestly, I just can't focus long enough, as I'm usually overworked and tired.
I work nights.. 7 on/7 off.. I've been doing it for five years and still don't know if I like it. haha

I had some flip flops/sandals that I bought last year, thinking that they were cute.. little did I know all the beads on them would annoy me. =/ I looked at them the other night, and decided that I could use the beads in my mini making.. so needless to say I took them all off, so now maybe I can wear the shoes this summer. ;) They even had some bead caps. Cute huh?

As for the other dollhouse I'm starting on.. I bought this cute quilt. Just love love it. I see too that it wouldn't be so hard to make myself.

I get a lot of ideas on making things, just don't know how to launch them. I tried using a "jelly" container for a litter box, and painting that plastic just makes it look horrible.. so now I have to rethink that idea or look for a paint specifically for that type of material. As I mentioned in my first blog, I still have a LOT to learn.

I put some more paint on the exterior of the Fairfield this week... I'm happy with the color I chose, but see that most people use a more neutral color. I prefer bright colors so I'm not sure if any of my houses will ever be neutral. haha
It's more green than blue, but the lighting makes it look more blue than green.. darn it.

Well it's time to get started on dinner, then off to work.

See ya'll soon.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

another project....

I've started working on a lil cottage, or shall I say the pieces that'll be going in said cottage.

I wanted to thank Jen's for the printies. I enjoy your site!

I'm still working on this cabinet, I'm not happy with my supposedly distressing style. 

I also purchased this next item off Ebay.. and think it's adorable!! 

My real life job will be limiting my time that I spend on mini's this week.. (my weeks run Wednesday to Wednesday just so ya'll know)  ;) but I'll do my best to post a couple of times during the week.

In the mean time, happy mini'ing and blogging!!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Somewhat new to Mini's

I bought the Greenleaf half-scale Fairfield in May of 2012, I'm still currently working on it.. and I must say I'm having a lot of fun doing it.. though I've been blog stalking for a few weeks now and noticed that I still have A LOT to learn. 

I'm also new to blogging, so I'll have to play with it and learn the ins and outs.
Definitely have to figure out posting pictures.

My kids all think I've gone bat-sh*t crazy.. and perhaps I have, but I needed a hobby. I've always enjoyed very tiny things.. though I never started collecting them. I'm headed in the right direction now.

I also have a wonderful boyfriend, who supports my habit and refuses to say I'm completely crazy, though I think he just did when I said I was going to start a blog. Residing with me in the house I have two crazy cats that tend to take off with my minis and bat them under the stove and fridge. (Dev and Diva) I'll post pictures of them as well.
(as soon as I figure out how) ;)

ah-ha .. I think I've got it.. that is Dev.. Dev is short for Devious. He is attacking the Fairfield. 

this is some of the Fairfield. 

I placed the kitchen I recently purchased, though I'm unsure of where all the pieces are going to go.

This is Diva, she helps me place bids on Ebay a lot. ;) also takes off with my wee tiny pig and bathroom sink quite frequently. 

Here's the wee tiny pig and a little bed I mad for her. (also the one Diva hides from me)

And lastly, my wonderful boyfriend who also took an interest in my favorite football team.

So here's to the beginning of another crazy idea of mine. =)