Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Moving right along...

I haven't posted in almost a month.. so figured I'd do an update..

I have primed my cottage for the Creatin' Contest..
and have most of it figured out as far as how I'm arranging the lay out. Bought the doors and windows as well as electrical thingies. 
I'm moving right along... but think the electrical part is gonna be a pain. it'll be my  first time doing electricity since I opted not to electrify the Fairfield. I'm still working on it as well.. maybe they'll both be done before the year is out. (deadline for the contest is December 16th.). 

You wanna guess what I bought the other day??? 

I bought another house. This one is the Orchid. Boyfriend said "why don't you finish the first 2 before you start another?"  
I didn't explain to him the rules of doll housing.. lol you truly never finish one. isn't that correct?? 
none the less, I won't open it until I at least get most of the Fairfield out of the way. ;)