Saturday, April 20, 2013

just another day.. and no mini'ing..

I dislike my work week, have no motivation at all to fiddle with mini'ing. Is that a bad sign? 
I guess responsibilities have to be prioritized, huh?

I've decided to enter the Creatin' Contest.. hosted by ... I'm excited and pretty sure my idea has been over done.. but I'm going to do a crazy cat lady house.. I think the Charming Cottage is perfect for the idea. Honestly though, if I don't get motivated, I doubt I'll make the deadline.. and I know it's  months and months away. lol  But I'm still working on my first dollhouse.. and still have lots to do to it and it's coming up on a year. :p

Speaking of crazy cat ladies.. I took Dev to get fixed on Monday.. 

I had to leave him over night, and that worried me some, but when I picked him up on Tuesday he was absolutely fine.. or acted it.. I know deep down he was angry with me.. haha poor fella'. 
I got two days of pain pills for him, just to be on the safe side. I figured it was going to be a pain getting them down his throat. Boy, was I shocked when I opened the lil' package and stood thinking what I could use to get it into him.. sat it down on the counter and he came over sniffed it, licked it then gobbled it up. That so made my life easy!!! The next day it was almost the same process, he licked it a few times then ate it up. 
Wonder if there's a coating on it that appealed to him.. as he is very picky as to what he eats. 

Here are my two enjoying the crazy cat lady cottage

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