Sunday, April 7, 2013

a lil bit of this and that..

Sooo here it is April 7th, and I really have nothing new to blog about.
How disappointing am I?  haha

I have been looking all over the internet for dolls.. and ordered one.. she showed up on Friday and I just love her. Though right now, I don't have a house for her... but eventually down the road I will. She hasn't told me her name yet.. Maybe in a few days she will if I leave her out of the box. ;)

I previously ordered a doll on February 28th and it still hasn't gotten here. She was coming from Northamptonshire, I still excitedly check the mail, in hopes it shows up.

One of the gals I work with is a frog lover, and her birthday is Monday... so a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISH TO BRANDY!!! 

This is what I gave her over the weekend. Isn't he adorable?! (Credit goes to Jason, as he made the lil dude)

Hopefully I'll have some mini'ing news soon, I'm worn out. My work week is kicking my ass. 

Hope all is well in MiniLand. =)

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  1. Thanks jason for makin the frog, but big thanks to you for thinkin of me for a good home for him... i luv him... he sits on my tv, and i named him peace oz-!!